Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I think it was the fourth of July....

Once upon a time when I was very young and very impressionable, I went out on a date with a boy to a party somewhere in Essendon.
He took along a record...yes a 331/3 rpm record that he had bought, and played it at said party.
Two things came to me that night that have remained with me forever.
Firstly, and the most impressionable, were the magical sounds that I heard when he was able to play his record. I had not heard that music before, having been brought up on Slim Dusty and Mario Lanza interspersed with 'A walk in the Black Forest'. Am sure you get the drift!
The music transported me to a new world.... A world of trumpets, guitars, piano and a burgeoning rock sound that was literally to me out of this world. The album cover didn't give away much as it only depicted an insignia which was new to me. No pictures, no descriptions of the band inside....just lots of writing which I read in between allowing the music to reach my very depths of soul.
The second impression of the night was that I realised that night that it was not to everyone's taste as there were so many groans and complaints as the music played on and on. The boy I was with and I had to stand and defend the music playing as older members of the party wanted to stop it and play Led Zeppelin or Steppenwolf or Cream or someone else anything but what was playing.

Following that night, I began to hear the music on the radio when I was supposed to be studying and each time it thrilled me more and more.

I had begun working that year in a full-time capacity so not before too long I was able to go out and purchase my very own version of this wondrous music as the boy had long departed and I had some little money of my own.
Much to my joy, the band that created this music churned out a number of records, each with their distinctive sound and rhythm over time and I progressively purchased these records when I could and created quite a collection.

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