Monday, June 25, 2012

A winter's day....

I have been away a while haven't I. This new format is a little bit confusing to an old duck like me but I suppose I'll get used to it eventually. Evolve is the word I evolving as you read my chatter here. I worked a night shift last night and did the same the night before. I can honestly tell you my job is so unpredictable. These two weekend nights were the recipient of the "Q" award of the year. Q in my work language is the beginning of a word we never mention for fear it'll cause chaos and unrelenting labouring women into our lives...all at once. So, we never use it. We did have a couple of phone calls and one visitor who went home again. The resus trolley did get scrupulously checked by Voula and I did get some more of my online immunization course done so it was all good. I didn't even feel tired which is not a good sign for tonight's sleeping pattern (or lack thereof) but hey, such is life. I chose to be a midwife many years ago and with that for some of us is unpredictable workloads, crazy nights, gentle calm nights and days and evenings too. There are lots of babies, vocal women, vocal partners and families and friends as well. But most of all, there is collegiality, support, love and knowledge between we workers. For most of us there is love and respect and the want to do right by the people we work with There have been some major changes in my place of employment recently which saddens me greatly for it signals drastic change in what we can offer women who want to come under our care during their pregnancies. Choice is apparently no longer a prerequisite for some and options for maternity care will become restricted as a result even more than they are now. I suppose I am adverse to change given my age and the years I have been practicing in this field but it is very sad when one witnesses the distress upon a colleague who has little choice but step away from his long term practice (23 years)of caring for women in labour as a doctor. As Peter, Paul and Mary once said..."The times, they are a changing". Perhaps it's time for me to take stock of my life and work out the important things and evolve yet again.

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